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French designs: the key to luxury and elegancy

25/04/2015 2,004 مشاهدة

Who does not want to receive complements on how beautiful his\her house is?! Many wish their houses to look spectacular and elegant. French style is the key to this, as it is one of the designs that will make your house look luxurious, chic and original. 

Special area for breakfast meal

French designs are characterized by the great interest devoted to the breakfast area. In the French style, breakfast area should be unique and has a combination of strong and soft colors such as: red with canary yellow. But this has to be together with use of soft fabrics for curtains or couch. 

Also, it is important to mention the use of dated, classic accessories in breakfast area. So, make sure to use the classic chandelier to make breakfast nook different from any other place in the house. It will be a great place to share breakfast with your family and a stunning place to start your day in. 

Neutral colors 

Another distinctive thing about the French style is the use of brown and blue, as these colors are associated with the French design. You can apply this palette to other rooms e.g. living room and paint the walls with carolina blue together with painting the fireplace with brown color.